The videoworks from Verena Scholz are reflections of experiences related to the digital world, TV and film as a medium, the "real and material" world. The works researches the medial world relation to nature and human. 
A central question in Scholz art is: How can human beeings exist with his human needs in the time of media and the www ? 

Film is like pictures which are flat - related to the rom, but contrary to stillpictures are videofilms three-dimensional in time, filmpictures moves. 

The SCREENING video works to Verena Scholz experiments with light, color and motion pictures  on "real objects" like: walls, fassades, stones, trees, chicken, snow, eggs, waterfall,... 
The room installations er formed es "drop" in installtions, which includes the visitors in the work. They become both canvas for the video and deep black forms and figures at the wall behind.  

The works are foten sidespesific works on different places in the nature like a quarry, waterfall or buldings.
With the screening on different objects Scholz attempts to break the flat dimension and to get a dialog between the objects and the film. 
With the artworks Verena Scholz tries to find out ways where the material and the immaterial world can create a new way and a room for human beeings in a modern and digital world.